Why Backing Up Your Data is Imperative for Your Business

If someone took away your main workstation tomorrow, how much would this cripple your online business? If you are like most who run your business online, you’d probably say that number is close to 100%. This is exactly what may happen if you don’t backup your data.

It’s incredibly easy and cheap to perform backups these days. You can even do it online using cloud-based services. They can even be done automatically, too. Many businesses ignore doing it, often with dire consequences.

If you transact most of your business online, it means that you are using your computer for a good portion of your business tasks. You probably rely on emails for your contact database, and you save a fair amount of information on your local drive. Maybe you have some of your information stored on some cloud-based service, but you still keep a fair amount locally.

Even if a large portion of your data is stored on the cloud, you should not rely on the service you are using completely. There have been plenty of instances of failures with those cloud services which can leave your business vulnerable. You hope they are backing things up, and you hope they are storing those backups off site, but you can never tell. If you wait until there is a problem to find out, it’s probably too late at that point.

If you store a good portion on your local drive, maybe you believe that you can use a data recovery service. Be aware that these services are very expensive, and there is absolutely no guarantee of getting your data back. You pay whether or not they can retrieve your information. Most people make the mistake of trying to recover the information themselves before seeking out the services of data recovery companies. They usually do more harm than good and make it impossible for any recovery of data.

There is absolutely no reason to not backup your information or data. The technology is quite cheap and easy to set up. Most solutions are set-it-and-forget-it. If you are technologically inept, hire someone who can help set it up for you. There are even online services that will back up your information. When deciding on such a company, get references and do some research to make sure they are reliable companies. Ask them about the procedures they use for backing up as well as restoring and ask about offsite storage.

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