The Benefits Of Online Giveaways

Online Giveaway Basics

Using giveaways to build a list of potential customers is how the online giveaways work. Having a fairly compatible list allows the individual a certain level of leverage in the quest to gather more subscribers.

The Basics

This has encouraged the emergence of the mass ad swap style campaigns. There are currently quite a few internet marketers who actively look out for partners to ad swap with and this, of course, leads to the successful online giveaways elements.

Though some look upon it with a certain amount of suspicion generally everybody loves receiving something for free. free products and services taglines certainly perk the interest of the potential customer.

Besides being a great marketing tool it also gives the customer a sense of being appreciated. This is also a very effective way of helping to build a fairly compatible emailing list or a subscriber’s list.

People are encouraged to subscribe to a site with the incentive of receiving something free which can be in the form of information, tangible items, or other tools that could help enhance their own lists.

These giveaways can also be gotten as part of the ad swap exchanges whereby by something from each partner is the used as giveaways thus requiring virtually no monetary outlay.

However, there may be a need to seek permission to either omit or change the other parties’ particulars should it appear on the exchanged give away. Thus in most cases, there is the option that the giveaways can be also used as a form of advertising for all involved in the swap.

Using the online giveaways to market a new business or to get it to a level of recognition by those using the internet is something that should be considered.

How You Can Benefit

Giveaways are a popular contribution to the quest of getting as many people as possible to sign on as subscribers and these giveaway exercises are now commonly done within a partnership where ad swaps are fairly common.

Being a beginner to the business scene on the internet does not necessarily have to daunt. The giveaways can be encouraged when a liaison is formed between marketers where these giveaways may consist of each other’s products.

This will have the benefits of having the products successfully exposed and used by the potential be scribers which in turn could be used as a successful advertising component.

In this way, the online giveaway tool allows the items within the exchange partnerships to reach an even wider target audience with the intention of creating the desired revenue originally intended.

Even if the ultimate intention is not about promoting one’s own product which some people do not even have when the form partnerships, the online giveaways can still benefit.

When the other marketers use the ad swaps and giveaways anyone can then download these for the purpose of studying the strategies used or products being launched to make necessary adjustments or to simply use them as a learning curve for future business ideas. These online giveaways can then be distributed among the user’s own subscribers to make them happy.

Attracting possible exchange partnerships can also be done using the online giveaways. This attractive feature, when offered as part of the liaison, can benefit the individual because of the list of subscribers gained. This can then be used as an addition to the already preexisting list the user already has.

How To Use Online Giveaway Correctly

As consumers become more difficult to attract in the ever-shrinking market share, understanding and applying the best marketing tools are very important to ensure the target number of viewers are reached.

Get Direction

Most marketers now realize that attempting to do this alone will not bring in the desired results thus the emergence of the online giveaways feature. This alliance can effectively widen the already existing subscriber list by the using the giveaways as an incentive to attract partnerships.

The benefits of these giveaways that can come in the form of bonuses, information on the product that is otherwise not forthcoming, gifts and many others are what the marketers use to attract the visitors into becoming subscribers and perhaps even eventual customers.

Another benefit would be the participative nature of the exchange marketers where the party that is selling the product will be able to use the subscriber’s lists of the other to reach and present the giveaways.

This whole exercise allows the parties involved to build credibility with the viewers reached and therefore forge a relationship for future business opportunities.

The benefit of this is also seen in the extensive “new” database which can be formed because of the attraction on the giveaways.

Visibility is another benefit the online giveaways can create the viewing users. Most viewers who are curious about the giveaways will be attracted to be drawn to the site where the actual product or services are sold. Thus with the joining of forces among the marketers, there is a good possibility of expanding the business revenue tenfold.

If the purchases are linked to another site then there is also the benefit of being able to tap into the customer’s links. There are also giveaways that can be used to encourage the customers to spread the word and this will also bring in more viewers to the site.

Making Money With Online Giveaways

Making money is always the focus of any online marketing tool and using the online giveaway tool is no different. These free giveaways are one of the best marketing tools for money making interest. This is mainly because the lists that can be built and used to reach visitors over and over again.

The Ins and Outs of Revenue

Revenue can be earned through the commissions by referring visitors to these sites who may buy something, join as a contributor or just for an upgrade. When the appropriate giveaways are identified then the relevant swaps can commence.

There are many giveaway opportunities whenever marketers organize events for the purpose of attracting new partnerships for the intent on building the member lists. This platform is ideal for gaining new members out of those who visit the site for the free giveaways.

Setting up squeeze pages will also facilitate the easy process of downloading the free gifts while getting the visitor to at least leave an email and this can be added to the data bank of possible future customers.

When a substantial list has been formed there is also the possibility of using this list as leverage to forming other partnerships or even revenue from the sale of the list itself.

Signing on with affiliate programs to sell corporate giveaways is another way of making money with the online giveaway tool. There are companies who are known for their excellent customer service, thus after some research on the reviews forming a partnership with such companies would be beneficial.

The revenue earned is usually done on a commission system so deciding on this at the onset of the partnership would be advised. There is also the possibility of a need for repeat services needed for the success of promotions heightens. This, of course, creates further earning revenue.

Steps For JV Giveaways

Ok, so now let’s look at what we are required to do to make cash from these JV events.

Using JV

Find an event to enter:

Choose if you wish to upgrade:

It’s free to register for giveaway events but you’ll be offered the choice to upgrade, commonly for anyplace between $4-$15. The upgrade will allow you to list more than one gratis gift, display text advertisements and have your gifts be exhibited more prominently on the website.

These factors will immensely step-up your traffic, signups, and cash that you bring in. For these reasons, I advocate that you do upgrade as it’s a really worthwhile investment.

Acquire a few gratis gifts to give away:

By far the most beneficial option here is to utilize re-brandable PLR Products. Hunt for “giveaway rights” in Google to discover a few ebooks, software, graphics, videos and so forth that you may use in the event.

To stick out from the crowd you may like to think about software and graphics as many of the other marketers tend to stick with eBooks.

Produce your squeeze pages:

Utilize an email subscription service like Aweber or MailChimp in concert with a free HTML editor like Kompozer to produce squeeze and download pages for your gratis gifts.

This is commonly a relatively fast process as most of the time the PLR materials already come with sales and squeeze pages that you may promptly modify to include your own opt-in forms.

Arrange your gifts on the site:

Add the URLs of the squeeze pages to the “Manage Gifts” section of the giveaway site.

Add OTOs:

For additional earning potential, you may like to add a few low priced ($5-$30) products to present as OTOs after individuals have signed up for your free gifts. This may be well worth the work as it supplies promptly earning potential.

Market the event:

When the event begins to make sure to market it. This is really crucial as if you don’t yield any signups then your free gifts may be removed from the website.

So market the event on your own site, to your existing e-mail list, or on Facebook or Twitter.

If you do not have any of these then tell your acquaintances about the event and get them to sign on. As long as you have at least a few signups then you’ll be okay. Once you’ve built your email list then you may contribute more heavily later.

What To Watch Out For

Perhaps the ideal giveaways should not have to include the stipulation that a purchase must be made in order to qualify for the giveaway. There are quite a few sites that use this and most visitors to the site would probably just move on to other more lucrative offers. Thus the giveaways promotions should avoid making a purchase mandatory.

Know This

Avoid randomly choosing items to use in the giveaway exercise. The items should have a certain level of quality and it should be something that is going to attract the viewer to access the site.

The choice of giveaway items also does reflect a certain degree the integrity and sincerity of the site, which the viewer visits and this can be the deciding factor on the part of the visitor in making a purchase or signing on for future communications.

Thus café considerations should be made in order to avoid a scenario where the giveaways would not serve the purpose of attracting the “right” audience.

The same concept can be applied to the choice of partnerships formed for the purpose of using the giveaways to gain memberships lists.

Here also avoid making random choices as this too will reflect on the eventual attraction for the potential visitor to the site. Avoid forming liaisons with companies that are not established as this may end up producing dismal results and time wasted is not beneficial to any party.

Also if the giveaways are not properly handled by the partnership or if the giveaways are not compatible then here again the ultimate goal of enhancing the member lists will not be achieved.

Avoid sites that promote giveaways but do so without any proper presentation line. The giveaways should be clearly shown and the terms of the process should also be clearly outlined, the ambiguity should be viewed with some reservation or even better avoided.

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