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2015-05-07_00-52-10August 13 -14, 2015

eBusiness Bootcamp - New York City - August 13 - 14


bootcamp san diegoSept. 18-19, 2015

eBusiness Bootcamp - San Diego - September 18-19, 2015



What You Will Learn In The Bootcamp


This is a 2-Day intensive for your online business. Our classes are interactive and designed to bring maximum results. You will be given the tools and the understanding to start and expand your ecommerce entity.

  • Choosing the right web store provider

    Every day you are bombarded with ads and solicitations for ecommerce stores. But which one should you choose? How do you determine which one will be best for what you want to sell and who you want to sell to?

  • Driving massive store traffic using Facebook ads

    What is the best way to drive traffic if I do not have enough today? How can I use Facebook and other social sites to get people to my store? We cover this in full detail in the bootcamp so you can get started today.

  • Getting your site found in search

    Most people do not wanders past the first 10 search results. The art of breaking into the first page of Google is  qualified search engine optimization or SEO. Learn the best practices and get trained on how to implement them quick in your business.

  • Mastering cloud computing for small business

    Get up to date and up and running using the best solutions online to help you utilize power of the cloud. No technical knowledge necessary, we move you quickly to using cloud commuting power.

  • How to Build a Better Business with Outsourcing

    The pros and cons to outsourcing. How to hire workers for pennies on the dollar and not get burnt. Grow and scale your organization using off-shore and US workers.

  • Diversifying your opportunities using marketplaces

    Ebay, Amazon and Etsy are all the rage. But do you know that there are dozens of other marketplaces open to your products and services as well. Multiple streams of income can accelerate your income with very little effort using the same inventory and logistics your have today.


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Simply register today and attend the Bootcamp, you will walk away with the knowledge and the strategy to take your online business to the next level. No matter if you are a beginner or an established entity, this 2-day intensive will change your top and bottom line rapidly.


2015-05-07_00-52-10August 13 -14, 2015

eBusiness Bootcamp - New York City - August 13 - 14







-- Jim Miller, Envoy Airlines


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2015-05-07_00-52-10August 13 -14, 2015

eBusiness Bootcamp - New York City - August 13 - 14